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Club Fit Management Solutions


Founded in 2005, Club Fit has become a leading provider of corporate fitness and wellness services, preventative care strategies, wellness initiatives, as well as a trusted name in the design and development of on-site as well as off-site corporate wellness facility’s and services for businesses in the greater Cleveland area.

Our distinctive strategy focuses on the broader spectrum of the employee population. We offer a variety of well-honed programs and services specifically designed to engage inactive and sedentary populations, not just the physically active. Club Fit on and off-site corporate wellness centers are unparalleled and have a competitive advantage as providers of valuable personal health benefits.

We are an outcomes-based organization. We identify our customers' expectations, define strategies to exceed those expectations, and measure our performance with tangible, results. Our emphasis is to improve the physical health and wellness of a company’s workforce and to deliver unsurpassed levels of satisfaction and positive results for our client companies.

Club Fit Customized Solutions Include:


Corporate Fitness Center Management


Corporate Fitness Center Planning and Development


Preventative Care Strategies & Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs