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 Development & Design

Our process starts with a full financial estimated budget, including all costs associated with development and service, which ensures the financial viability of your investment. This information is critical in establishing projections that are realistic, which in turn helps us budget and build the right size fitness centers with the right equipment for you.We also perform a demographic analysis of your eligible population to determine your membership base. We then work with you to determine a customized operation design and implement our cost strategy to create an optimized, functional, and financially feasible center.

When a project has been approved and ready to start, we work closely with the architects and construction team to help determine facility components, equipment configuration, traffic patterns and programming based on a predetermined unique objective. Once the base plan is formulated, we complete a comprehensive furniture, fixtures, and equipment budget, develop a draft layout, and provide all equipment specifications. We ensure that plans align with the unique needs of your business. We stay closely involved in each stage of the project,
providing support at the beginning of construction, all the way through to completion of the punch list, and into start-up activities. We offer:


Needs Analysis, Demographic Analysis, Financial Feasibility


Site Selection and Architectural Design Consultation


Program Launch and Marketing


Equipment Layout and Specific Square Footage Allocations


Power and Data Specifications


Facility, Equipment, and Management Cost Estimates


Discounted Equipment Procurement, Leveraging Club Fit’s Purchasing Power