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Start a F.I.T. Program:

Functional Integration Training Session 
Specific, personalized functional integration exercise programming for the purpose of promoting good health and function through one-on-one training.


Functional Integration Personal Program
An individualized program to do on your own, but designed for your specific health needs and functional goals.


Flexation Therapy™ w/ Philip Stotter 
An integrative approach to traditional physical therapy and functional freedom.


Active Isolated Stretching 
Provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups.


What Does the FIT Stand For?

F.I.T. or Functional Integration Training.



Club Fit was one of the first club's to take exercise programming to a new level by using corrective treatment and prevention to not only improve fitness, but also function. Our Functional Integration Training Programs are designed to correct muscular imbalances and address functional limitations while achieving health related needs. Through our programming, our members not only get fit, but their bodies will realign and become more functionally fit.



The Club Fit Functional Integration Training Program restores, preserves, and improves every member through exercise programs that encourage proper movement and function during all facets of physical activity. Every member learns the relationship between postural alignment and how it affects the way their body performs, while gaining an understanding of the importance of recovery. We take the guess work out of creating and sustaining good health, because at Club Fit, exercise is medicine. 



Club Fit's Functional Integration Training centers are changing the face of fitness. Active adults are seeking functional programs and facilities that take into consideration their medical needs and physical goals, which are ever changing as they age. The AARP, Exercise is Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, and the International Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) recognizes our organization as committed to creating products, services and settings for adults. Club Fit Functional Integration Training programs blend physical therapy and functional exercise to create “life conditioning” programs. Club Fit follows the active aging adult philosophy, by creating programs that provide information, access, and motivation people need to become and stay active. As individuals move through the aging process, they also move through levels of functional ability.The Club Fit Functional Integration Training program progresses with them, restoring the older athlete, empowering those who are active now or just getting started, and welcoming people who need a little or a lot of help.



The Club Fit Functional Integration Training Programs


The Club Fit Functional Integration Training programs, designed by Philip Stotter, are based on his own clinical and fitness research. By blending both clinical and recreational formats of exercise and therapy, Club Fit Functional Integration Training programs develop and restore all of the body's systems which enables members to improve their function. These programs also address long-term health goals, such as maintaining and improving postural alignment and myofascial balance. It is essential to address poor postural habits because abnormalities in balance and alignment of body parts will affect structure and function which will inevitably lead to injury, pain, disorders, and disease. Improving and restoring proper alignment and movement to your body's myofascial-musculoskeletal system is the foundation of the Club Fit Functional Integration Training Program.


 Philip says,


“The Club Fit programs will add years to your life and quality to those years.”