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  Flexation Therapy ™





Flexation Therapy™ is a structural and functional integration therapy that involves stretch and movement techniques to realign the body's musculoskeletal system.  Flexation Therapy™ works by applying stretches to the myofascial system, thus lengthening and repositioning the muscular system.  By repositioning the muscular system, pressure and tension are removed from areas that were previously misaligned, ultimately eliminating pain.


Philip Stotter, the creator of Flexation Therapy™, explains that both structure and function are vital to optimal health. Unlike traditional physical therapy, Flexation Therapy™ first restores the whole body to its optimal position before addressing an injury or condition.  Structural integrity is established by lengthening and repositioning the body through stretches and body movements.  Once structural integrity is secured, functional movement is able to be performed without pain or discomfort.


Realignment of the muscular and skeletal systems allows the body's natural ability for self-correction to return.  The correction of these two systems also allows the other systems of the body to function at a more productive level, restoring the optimum position and performance of the body.


This two step process addresses not only the injured area, but also its relationship to the rest of the body, guaranteeing that the body will not be performing in dysfunction, but corrected function.  If the body performs in dysfunction, there may be a loss of flexibility and range of motion, deterioration of joints and bones, and a loss of lean mass and strength.  A corrected structure also allows the body to withstand the forces of gravity, which can cause stress and fatigue when the body is not in proper alignment.


Myofascial and musculoskeletal pain is very common and can affect any muscle or joint in the body.  The pain can cause local or referred pain, tightness, tenderness, popping and clicking, stiffness and limitation of movement, autonomic phenomena, local twitch response in the affected muscle, and muscle weakness with or without atrophy.  Pain can develop from a muscle injury or from excessive strain on ligaments, tendons, or a specific muscle or muscle group.  The excessive strain is due to the misalignment of the body.


Flexation Therapy™ diagnoses musculoskeletal medical conditions, treats misalignment and structural inefficiency, corrects and restores function, and prevents further physical issues.


Causes leading to myofascial and musculoskeletal pain include the following:

  •  Injury - to joints, muscles, intervertebral discs

  •  Repetitive motions

  •  Medical conditions (including heart disease, auto-immune disorders, and systemic conditions)

  •  Joint replacements

  •  Sedentary lifestyle

  •  Fatigue

  •  Static and functional misalignment


If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these symptoms or causes, contact Club Fit to schedule a free consultation with Philip to find out how Flexation Therapy™ can help.




Q & A with Philip



What is Flexation Therapy™?


Flexation Therapy™ is an integrative form of physical (structure) and movement (function) therapy.  The use of a hands-on approach passively targets parts of the body to increase structural support and mobility.  Flexation Therapy™ treats ailments specifically through eliminating the strain on the entire structure, not just a single area or joint.  This can then alleviate the symptom, which typically results from the structure being out of alignment.  Flexation Therapy™  structurally and functionally integrates the entire body standing still and in motion. 


How Does It Work?


Our bodies are pulled out of alignment with a combination of gravity, stresses of daily activities, and chronic and acute physical injuries.  When the body is out of alignment, it creates inefficiency and imbalance, resulting in stiffness, discomfort, pain, and loss of energy.  Flexation Therapy™ releases, realigns and re-hydrates the musculoskeletal system by correcting the entire physical structure of the body.  Flexation Therapy™  is able to address the root structural problems that underlie many physical ailments.  Unlike traditional physical therapy, there are no protocols in Flexation Therapy™. Each client is treated asan individual and the entire musculoskeletal system is evaluated to search for the cause of a problem, not just the symptoms; allowing us to address the problem directly.


What are the Benefits?


Philip Stotter, the creator of Flexation Therapy™, explains that both structure and function are vital to optimal health. When a body is aligned and balanced, it moves with greater ease and requires less energy to function, making good posture is effortless, breathing is easier, and the body more flexible and coordinated.  By changing underlying tensional patterns and addressing how the individual habitually inhabits their body, Flexation Therapy™ can address daily factors that contribute to chronic issues.  Flexation Therapy™helps those suffering from conditions such as osteoarthritis, auto immune diseases, disk degeneration, and any other musculoskeletal issues.  Clients experience benefits of greater flexibility, a feeling of lightness and fluidity, better balance, increased breathing capacity, increased energy, alleviation of pain and greater self-confidence.  “Align the physical structure and enjoy pain free, functional performance you enjoyed as a child.” Philip explains.


Who Can Benefit from Flexation Therapy™?


“Clients approach me with a wide variety of complaints. The most common of these are back pain, tension in the neck and shoulders, pain in the wrists and hands, knee pain and foot pain. I hear and work with their immediate concerns, and at the same time, I am always looking for the structural causes underlying their specific symptoms." Philip states.  By addressing the whole person, Flexation Therapy™ is able to address specific complaints, as well as teach the individual how to live in their body in such a way that life becomes an experience of unfolding health, rather than inevitable disease.