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Health Risk Management

At Club Fit, our primary goal is to bring preventative-care strategies to unconditioned people, and to help them feel their best and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We accomplish this goal by employing highly credentialed fitness and wellness professionals in our centers, and they provide a specialized one-on-one approach to wellness. Our programs are designed to engage and educate individuals of their potential health risks, and give them tools to manage those risks.


Employers struggling with the ever-increasing costs for healthcare are wisely turning to worksite wellness programs in search of a solution. For convenience, many employers are looking to their health insurance carrier to provide the appropriate wellness program. However, the convenience of a health insurance provided program may not outweigh the risks. That decision could come back to haunt you. At issue is an insurance carrier’s ability to use information gathered during a wellness program as justification for increasing an employer’s rates at renewal. Since no laws prevent an insurance company from using voluntarily provided information for rating purposes, employers should be cautious about the information they provide.


To eliminate any possible conflict of interest, many employers are avoiding insurance company sponsored wellness programs and are opting to utilize the services of Club Fit instead. This decision easily prevents wellness data from being used against an employer by an insurance company.