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The Club Fit Team, comprised of individuals with specialized backgrounds work together to meet the unique set of demands that come with developing and operating a corporate fitness center.

We understand that some of the biggest challenges facing corporate fitness centers include decreased market share, tight schedules, and wavering interest of participants. That's why well-honed programs such as orientations, Get Fit
Ô Programs, and wellness events are at the core of our management strategy which works to boost enrollment. This approach allows us to engage sedentary individuals, and increase overall center involvement.


Operations Programming


Policies and Procedures, Development and Implementation


Marketing, Advertising, Promotions Planning, and Execution


Personnel Recruitment


Usage Reporting,Participation Projections, and Peak Utilization Estimates


Renovating an Existing Space or Building a New FitnessCenter


Individual and Corporate Membership Development as well as Retention


Health Risk Evaluations and Exercise Prescriptions


Health Promotions, Events, and Preventative Care Strategies