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"As a practicing board certified physician in internal medicine I have recommended and experienced a myriad of treatments for musculoskeletal ailments.  The two variables that assure good results are proper understanding of the mechanics and diagnosis along with technical expertise in the techniques needed to achieve the desired results. My experience with Phillip Stotter, both personally and professionally, allows me to recommend his Flexation Therapy™ as an effective choice in returning the patient to full function. Not only is he masterful in his assessment of the underlying mechanics but he is able to create a customized program that combines his knowledge of underlying cause with attention to the specific needs and limitations of the individual. He has in intuitive ability to reassess and adjust his programs for optimal long lasting results. Not only is this a skill but also an art. I trust his approach and have seen and experienced the results." 


-Dennis Grossman M.D.



"I first went to see Philip Stotter after an injury incurred while walking my golden retrievers.  In an attempt to stop them from approaching a small dog, I jerked their leash and fell sharply on my left knee.  After experiencing no pain relief despite physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff, and cortisone injections in my knee, I started on a recovery program with Philip.  Rather than just address my injuries, Philip took a holistic approach to strengthen my entire body.  Initially through Flexation Therapy™ Philip worked on releasing my tense muscles.  Then he designed a program to improve my balance and strengthen my body. My pain subsided as I grew stronger. I am a strong believer in Philip's uncanny ability to assess an individual's structural issues, and design a personalized program to correct and prevent injuries."


-Patricia K. Agatisa, Ph.D. |Research Program Manager | Department of Bioethics




"As a (young) senior citizen who has had to deal with the long-term orthopedic consequences of having had Polio as a child, I find that working with Philip Stotter and his Flexation Therapy™, has been tremendously rewarding. Working with Philip has provided not only pain relief but has improved my mobility and allowed me to return to a more active life-style in keeping with my goal of staying fit and active. As a physician I have found Philip knowledgeable and his work anatomically correct. I see my own spine specialist much less frequently since putting my back in Philip’s hands."


-Gerard J. Boyle, M.D. | Medical Director

"Before I met Philip, I had tried different exercise programs and had difficulty with recurrent exacerbation of pain from my cervical spine. I had had been to physical therapists elsewhere who were not as helpful. Flexation Therapy has allowed me to gradually strengthen my core and increase my flexibility. I feel better than I have in a long time. As a doctor I have been overwhelmingly impressed with Philip's knowledge of body mechanics and his ability to design a program that works" 

-John Dorsky, MD FACS