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Club Fit, Ltd was founded in 2005 by Philip Stotter, Exercise Physiologist. Through his vision, Club Fit has bridged the gap between the medical and fitness industries, by delivering a medically recognized exercise program called Functional Integration Training.

Our Functional Integration Training goes far beyond a typical personal training session.


Philip and his staff of degreed specialists deliver nationally recognized therapy and exercise  programs designed to correct muscular imbalances and address functional limitations, while achieving overall health related needs.

Club Fit programs improve not only fitness, but also function.

Unlike your typical fitness or therapy centers, Club Fit’s universal expertise and innovative treatment combines physical therapy with functional fitness, allowing us to address any physical issues in an informed and efficient manner, paving the pathway  to total health and wellness.


You will not only get fit, but your body will realign and become more functionally fit!

We take the guess work out of creating and sustaining good health, because at Club Fit, exercise is medicine.